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It's Elementary | Hour of Code

Uploaded 12/12/2014

Hour of Code

By Megan Perez, SCVTV

Students in the Sulphur Springs School District are learning about what makes computers and video games tick.

The district is participating in the Hour of Code, a worldwide initiative to introduce computer science to students.

“This gives them a little insight into possible future careers and also teaches problem solving, critical thinking and spacial reasoning skills,” said Josh Randall, Director of Technology for the Sulphur Springs School District.

The district launched an after school program this fall for fifth graders at five of it’s campuses and one class for first graders.  That program is at capacity, and more students are on a wait list just to get in.

The older kids are creating their own interactive stories, games, and animations using a program called Scratch.

“You’d be amazed at how advanced some of these kids are,” said Ken Newton, a teacher at Fair Oaks Community School.  “My joke is that they’re ready to start working for a video game company because they’re that advanced.”

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