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L.A. County Sheriff | Surviving an Active Shooter

Uploaded 01/30/2015

Surviving an Active Shooter

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has created this video to help people answer the question “What would you do?” in the event of a sudden attack by a gunman while at work, at school, or in public.


Visit for more information.

(c)2015 LASD | SCVTV
6 Comments for L.A. County Sheriff: Surviving an Active Shooter
  1. Good information…better then my usual response (screaming like a banshee)….

  2. I think this goes back to the issue that LA County denies almost all request for a CCW permit. One of the few and worst about permits. And they wonder why so many are carrying guns they don’t know about

  3. Daniel Konz Daniel Konz says:

    So if I can’t run away risking being shot in the back, and I can’t conceal myself by trapping myself in a corner…
    I should improvise a weapon and take on the armed gunman..?
    (AKA Bringing a knife to a gunfight)

    Sounds like a plan..!

    Thanks LA County Sheriff’s Dpt, I feel much safer now..!

    Now I won’t feel so vulnerable leaving my gun at home because you don’t trust me to protect myself or my family..!

  4. CCW is the way to go

  5. Neil Arno Neil Arno says:

    All of the scenarios exclude a trained CCW holder. Lord forbid someone protects themselves and or others with a firearm.

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