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Weekly Republican Address | Rep. Lynn Jenkins, R-Kans.

Uploaded 02/01/2015

Rep. Lynn Jenkins, R-Kans.

This week, Rep. Lynn Jenkins (R-KS), Vice Chair of the House Republican Conference, delivers the Weekly Republican Address. Jenkins discusses common-sense solutions to lower costs and expand opportunity for middle-class families, including a plan she introduced this week to protect college savings.

“As a former State Treasurer and a mother of two college kids, I know how critical saving for higher education can be, and how important 529s have become for middle-class families,” Rep. Jenkins said. “If the president is serious about helping middle-class families afford higher education then he should work with Congress and publicly support my bipartisan legislation to empower hardworking families by expanding and strengthening 529 college savings plans, and keeping them tax-free. America’s new Congress is committed to making your priorities our priorities.”


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