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In Our Schools | Happy Chinese New Year from Saugus High School

Uploaded 02/24/2015

Happy Chinese New Year from Saugus High School

Saugus High School put on a show celebrating the Chinese New Year on Friday night that showcased the schools cultural side through dances, dinner and games.

Students from the International Club and Chinese classes decorated the school’s multi-purpose room with red lanterns, centerpieces featuring a sheep or ram, and handed out food to a room full of guests.

The show featured 18 acts including dances, games and a red envelope hand-out.

Nearly every act was influenced by Chinese culture but one student has personal history with Chinese New Year.

“I am Thai-Chinese,” said performer and student, Ginger Slentz. “I thought this was a good excuse to use my dance skills.”

The event lasted a few hours and gave students a lasting impression of what the culture is like.

“Maybe what we learn in the classroom we will forget,”said Ying Fisher, Chinese language instructor. “but an event or experience they will get after being in an event like they probably won’t forget for their entire life.”

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