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Nonprofit/PSA | 2015 Summer Meltdown Arts & Music Festival

Uploaded 03/19/2015

2015 Summer Meltdown Arts & Music Festival

The Summer Meltdown is a one day outdoor festival that is held at the City of Santa Clarita Skate Park in Sunny Santa Clarita, CA. The Summer Meltdown is produced by the Yes I Can students of all abilities from Canyon High School and Yes I Can Alumni. The goal of the festival is to bring the public together to celebrate art and music in a socially inclusive setting. The Summer Meltdown will feature musical artists on three stages along side live painters creating one of a kind pieces inspired by the music they hear. Come for the music but become inspired by meeting the students who produce this incredible event.

Gates will open on Saturday April 25, 2015 at 10:30am and will close at 11p





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4 Comments for Public Service Announcement: 2015 Summer Meltdown Arts & Music Festival
  1. Kim Sandoval Kim Sandoval says:

    I know I soo…. want to go to this. They have a bigger festival in May w more bands. Are you & Rick down to go to this??? If so, we will go!!

  2. Arilenix Angela Velasquez

  3. Arilenix Angela Velasquez

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