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House Blend | Promo: Summer Meltdown Special

Uploaded 04/02/2015

Promo: Summer Meltdown Special

Enjoy a special preview of the 12th annual Summer Meltdown Austism Awareness Art & Music Festival on this episode of SCVTV’s House Blend. The marathon bash, which benefits the Yes I Can program for students with and without disabilities at local schools, takes over the Santa Clarita Skate Park on Saturday, April 25.

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  1. April 2 was national #AustismAwarenessDay, and on Saturday’s House Blend with Stephen K. Peeples on SCVTV Santa Clarita, I’ll talk with Bret Lieberman, #Yes I Can Summer Meltdown Autism Awareness Arts & Music Festival executive producer. We’ll see and hear how a few hundred kids with and without disabilities in the Yes I Can program prepare to put on the 12th annual Summer Meltdown Saturday, April 25 at the #cityofSantaClarita’s Santa Clarita Skate Park. The all-day all-ages event featuring 35+bands is expected to attract 4,000-5,000 young SCV and SoCal music fans. That’s a looooong way from the first Meltdown, staged at Golden Valley High’s outdoor amphitheater in 2003 with just a handful of bands for a few hundred GV teens. Each year, the Meltdown has grown bigger and better, as more artists, managers and community members learn about and embrace the event, and the Yes I Can students who produce the festival and learn social and marketable skills along the way.

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