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U.S. National Archives | Normandy Invasion 1944

Uploaded 04/21/2015

Normandy Invasion 1944

Creator(s): Department of Transportation. U.S. Coast Guard. Public Affairs Staff. Historian’s Office.

Production Date: 1944

Scope & Content: Soldiers and Coast Guardsmen practice amphibious landings in the United States and Great Britain; they play cards, sleep, write letters, and mend clothes aboard a transport. Shows allied planes bombing German positions in France, jeeps going aboard LST’s, and troops embarking in LCV’s and transports for the invasion. Airborne troops drop on Normandy and amphibious forces go ashore. German prisoners taken in the invasion embark on U.S. transports. Wounded U.S. troops are transferred from LCI’s to hospital ships. Shows wrecked war material on Normandy beaches.

(c)2015 Library of Congress | SCVTV
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