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Around Town | Trap Shoot Brings in Donations with a Bang

Uploaded 05/21/2015

Trap Shoot Brings in Donations with a Bang

[KHTS]-Carousel Ranch hosted its seventh annual How the West Was Won trap shoot event at the Oaktree Gun Club, Thursday, May 21.

The competition for a cause brought together 18 teams of shooters ranging in experience from marksmen to men and women who have never held a gun.

“They are scored for highest score, dead last of the day — there are different categories for individuals and teams,” said Denise Redmond, the executive director at Carousel Ranch. “We have a mulligan package just like a golf tournament where they shoot off the back of a stationary horse and some other different games in between.”

The teams competed for trophies, titles and prizes with the proceeds of the event benefitting Carousel Ranch, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing equestrian therapy for disabled children.

The programs create a unique and individualized program to meet each child’s specific needs and goals. Carousel Ranch works with about 80 disabled children a week, Redmond said.

Using a combination of vaulting, or gymnastics on a moving horse, and both English and Western therapeutic riding, the ranch “disguises therapy as fun,” Redmond said.

Similar to a golf tournament, mostly businesses purchased a team of five at this event.

“Every year, we join this event to help benefit the Carousel Ranch and what they do there for kids with special needs,” said Chris Allen, a sales representative at Holliday Rock. “It is a lot of fun… It’s something new for (people) to experience and actually see that shooting shotguns at trap is a good thing.”

“It’s a lot of fun…The overall goal for us is always to raise money for the kids (at the Ranch),” said Redmond. “This has kind of become a signature event that these guys wait for, they’re calling us asking ‘when’s trap shoot?’ It is nice to find a signature event that works and people want to do and look forward to every year and in the end helps us fund the kids at the Ranch.”

This unique event was created by Wayne Crawford and Eric Stroh seven years ago, according to event officials. Crawford and Stroh have been the heart behind this event, and it’s their efforts that have made it a success.

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