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City of Santa Clarita | High-Speed Rail Hearing: McLean, Boydston Testimony

Uploaded 06/11/2015

High-Speed Rail Hearing: McLean, Boydston Testimony

Santa Clarita Mayor Marsha McLean and Councilman TimBen Boydston represented the City of Santa Clarita at the California High-Speed Rail Authority meeting in Los Angeles on Tuesday, June 9, 2015.

For more information on the California High Speed Rail project in Santa Clarita, visit

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6 Comments for City of Santa Clarita: High-Speed Rail Hearing: McLean, Boydston Testimony
  1. Jerry Walgamuth says:

    I am baffled as to why Councilman Boydston felt it was appropriate to yell the balance of his comments after a civil beginning.

  2. I just watched this and I just don’t get the need to spend 12 billion to get to San Francisco in 2 hrs. Palmdale to burbank? We have metro link. Takes an extra hour. For that, the broke state sells 9billion in bonds, raises the property values in Palmdale if by chance you want to live there and work in burbank instead Santa Clarita. These mountains are not stable. Earthquakes made those mountains. They grew 1 1/2 ft, in 71. This is too expensive, too few people served, and 40 yrs too late, for the Palmdale to burbank link.last stop for high speed rail is Palmdale, so everyone off!

  3. Dorene Tapp Dorene Tapp says:

    We don’t need this!

  4. Susan Staudt Susan Staudt says:

    It doesn’t make sense to have a train underground from Palmdale to Burbank. How would all the people in the communities between Palmdale and Burbank be able to use the new train? I would think it would reduce the freeway traffic quite a bit. Public transit takes a little getting use to, but it’s the good thing to do environmentally.

    • Huh? It’s high-speed rail, from L.A. to S.F. It’s to get people off of airplanes, not out of cars. Our commuter rail (which is to get people out of cars) is called Metrolink. There are not and never were going to be any high-speed rail stops between Burbank and Palmdale.

    • Right! Saves an hour. They can build a commuter airport in Palmdale if they don’t have one already. Get off the train, fly to Burbank in 20 minutes. People can live in Palmdale and pick produce in Bakersfield or go drive a trolley in San Francisco in an hour. Let’s stay informed stand together and fight this.

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