| SCV Today: SCV Today: City Drug Symposium

SCV Today: SCV Today: City Drug Symposium

Uploaded 08/12/2015

SCV Today: City Drug Symposium

Dr. Darren Privett from Henry Mayo Hospital joined Tami & Scott 0n the couch to discuss the up coming drug symposium sponsored by the City of Santa Clarita.


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6 Comments for SCV Today: SCV Today: City Drug Symposium
  1. Adam Bond says:

    Lmao weed is bad…. But alcohol is so much safer ha ha ha

  2. Is this gonna be before or after the “Abstinence Is The Way” program?

    • Many illegal drugs or controlled substances are grown naturally. The Coca plant grows naturally and is quite lovely, as well as the opium poppy and psilocybin mushrooms. Although not illegal, tobacco is a plant but this does not make it safe for our children – which is what this story is about. Btw, all of the “naturally grown” plants above, including marijuana, were contributing factors in the death of my brother. I miss him every single day.