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West Wing Week | Obama in Alaska

Uploaded 09/05/2015

Obama in Alaska

[White House] – In this special Dispatches edition of West Wing Week, we go behind the scenes as the President travels in Alaska to shine a spotlight on what Alaskans in particular have come to know, that climate change is one of the biggest threats we face, it is being driven by human activity, and it is disrupting Americans’ lives right now. During the visit, the President shares his experience with people around the country first-hand, even going behind the camera himself. Follow along as he travels to Anchorage, Seward, Dillingham, and Kotzebue, and becomes the first president to travel above the Arctic Circle.

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53 Comments for West Wing Week: Obama in Alaska
  1. Becky Burgin Becky Burgin says:

    He should be at a police officers funeral this week and addressing the “blacklivesmatter” war on white police officers. He’s an embarrassment and a racist

  2. Joel Foliard is s proud supporter of Obama. Lol

  3. William Reel William Reel says:

    Scumbag anti-Freedom pig of a president.

  4. Gary Cina Gary Cina says:

    These kids don’t know any better to take a pic with this rotten President and if they did then they wouldn’t be anyone there but Obama.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s scenes like this
    And knowing all that he has been able to accomplish for our country
    That make me pleased and proud I voted for Obama

    And rather sad I can’t vote for him again
    Understanding why
    But still wishing I could

    • Gary Cina Gary Cina says:

      Throw up, you must be living life free

    • William Reel William Reel says:

      You are obviously a drunk, lazy, welfare Queen. America is now a 3rd world country and you love that. Your mind is sick and it shows.

    • Joel Folliard says:

      Gary Cina Interesting
      You’re automatic reaction to someone you disagree with is an accusation.
      Must be hard luggin around that great big chip on your shoulder
      I’m sorry

    • Joel Folliard says:

      William Reel Umm No.
      On all accounts
      And I see that you’re little more than an online warrior just like the rest of the Little Tin Jesuses that have little more to do with their lives than spread their own misery around
      Again…Sorry about that great big chip on your shoulder

      And, if you visited a Third World country, you might have a better idea of how absolutely ignorant, uninformed and downright stupid your words sound

      But don’t let that me stop you from making a horses hind quarters out of yourself
      Go for it!!

    • Steven Aune Steven Aune says:

      How about superseding congress, and the constitution by his illegal executive orders? Or leaving Americans to die in Libya? Or unchecked spying on US citizens? Or expanding the racial divide in our country?

    • Joel Folliard says:

      Steven Aune Executive orders have been used since the Nixon administration and have been found to be legal in numerous court cases
      I didn’t realize that The President killed people in Libya
      Do tell
      And spying on US citizens was authorized by Congress and The President
      And how exactly has President Barack Obama expanded the racial divide in this country
      Please tell me
      I’l wait

    • William Reel William Reel says:

      Joel, you are a scumbag, who hates Individual liberty. A-holes like you go back to the Cold War with Soviet Union who thought Communism was a noble concept. I hate people like YOU because you are anti-Freedom. You don’t like that I use my 2nd Amendment Right to defend my property do you? You like the Government controlling lives for “the common good”? You’re just a pig in slop looking for the next government goodie…sick mind.

    • Joel Folliard says:

      William Reel
      You’re pretty funny
      Truly you are

      You know nothing about me dude
      Nor where i stand on anything except who I voted for in the last two general elections
      But you got that hate thing down!!
      Good for you!!
      But wipe your mouth okay
      You’ve got spittle all up in the corners

      Have a nice day

    • Nat Tahir Nat Tahir says:

      Joel Folliard…you’re awesome.

    • Steven Aune Steven Aune says:

      I never said he killed them but his lack of sending a QRF that was manned and ready 3hrs away. Allowed for their death. Then he goes off for another golf outing.

    • Steven Aune Steven Aune says:

      By sending representatives to the funeral of a thug. While ignoring the assassination of a peace officer. All based on race. If you want to see racism all you have to do is look in the White House.

    • William Reel William Reel says:

      Joel’s 2016 heroes

    • Joel Folliard says:

      You’re a funny one too Steven Aune
      It’s interesting how the GOP controlled Congress could find no wrongdoing, much less anything impeachable, relating to what occurred in Benghazi
      Interesting indeed

    • Joel Folliard says:

      And if can make a suggestion Steven Aune?
      Go outside and get some air

    • Joel Folliard says:

      That’s nice Steven Aune
      Memes are not facts
      They’re propaganda

    • Steven Aune Steven Aune says:

      Seems you have been sucking the tit of the Obama propaganda machine.

    • Joel Folliard says:

      That’s funny!
      That’s the best you have?
      Okay Steven Aune, you have fun in the sandbox
      Play nice now and have s good day

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