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SCV Historical Society | The Stuff of Legend: James Dean’s Final Ride

Uploaded 09/29/2015

The Stuff of Legend: James Dean’s Final Ride

mug_jamesdeanDid he or didn’t he stop for a bite to eat in the Santa Clarita Valley on the day he died? Local film historian E.J. Stephens strives to answer that question as he goes on location to interview all three CHP officers who were involved with Dean one way or another on that fateful day (Sept. 30, 1955) — Officer Otie Hunter, who ticketed Dean for speeding; and Officers Ernie Tripke and Ronald Nelson, who investigated the fatal crash.

Interviews conducted February 15, 2009

Producer: Leon Worden

Co-producers: Dr. Alan Pollack and E.J. Stephens

Editor: Megan Perez

Camera: Megan Perez, Susan Shapiro, Leon Worden


WEB EXTRA: Panel Discussion [Part 1] [ Part 2]




(c)2009 SCVTV
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