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Caltrans News Flash | Roundabouts are Increasingly Popular

Uploaded 10/08/2015

Roundabouts are Increasingly Popular

In this Caltrans News Flash, Public Information Officer Alaia Howell talks to Central Valley residents nearly a year after the construction of major roundabout in Kerman, Calif., which is designed to accommodate large semi-trailer trucks and farm equipment. Roundabouts offer many benefits in terms of safety and sustainability over a more traditional intersection.

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9 Comments for Caltrans News Flash: Roundabouts are Increasingly Popular
  1. Denise Ware Denise Ware says:

    Jarod learn how to use them, they are great and really help traffic flow

  2. Jarod Scott Jarod Scott says:

    100% more confusion

  3. Laura Oswald Dangelo yikes. Your in trouble. Lol

  4. Joe Marenghi Joe Marenghi says:

    They’ve been using them in Europe since 1905. I have the pleasure of living very close to two here in Castaic, it’s a shame that no one here was taught how to use them! I’ve seen people drive straight over, go the wrong way around, turn into the car along side them and NO ONE indicates!!!

  5. Only a reduction in accidents if people know how to drive on roundabouts properly

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