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U.S. Army Film | Tokyo Rose Tells Her Story, 9-20-1945

Uploaded 10/16/2015

Tokyo Rose Tells Her Story, 9-20-1945

Tokyo Rose (Iva Toguri) tells her story in this film produced Sept. 20, 1945, in Tokyo, shortly after the Japanese surrender (Sept. 2, 1945).

The film demonstrates how her broadcasts were conducted. Three takes and/or three different camera angles are presented here.

Creator(s): Department of Defense. Department of the Army. Office of the Chief Signal Officer. (09/18/1947 – 02/28/1964) (Most Recent)

Series : Moving Images Relating to Military Activities, compiled 1947 – 1964
Record Group 111: Records of the Office of the Chief Signal Officer, 1860 – 1985



tokyorose092045Iva Ikuko Toguri D’Aquino (July 4, 1916 – September 26, 2006) was an American who participated in English-language propaganda broadcast transmitted by Radio Tokyo to Allied soldiers in the South Pacific during World War II. Although on The Zero Hour radio show, Toguri called herself “Orphan Ann,” she quickly became identified with the moniker “Tokyo Rose”, a name that was coined by Allied soldiers and that predated her broadcasts. After the Japanese defeat, Toguri was detained for a year by the United States military before being released for lack of evidence. Department of Justice officials agreed that her broadcasts were “innocuous”. But when Toguri tried to return to the US, a popular uproar ensued, prompting the Federal Bureau of Investigation to renew its investigation of Toguri’s wartime activities. She was subsequently charged by the United States Attorney’s Office with eight counts of treason. Her 1949 trial resulted in a conviction on one count, making her the seventh American to be convicted on that charge, for which she spent more than six years out of a ten-year sentence in prison. Belatedly, however, after investigative journalists found that key witnesses claimed they were forced to lie during testimony, Toguri was pardoned by U.S. President Gerald Ford in 1977.

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