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City of Santa Clarita | State of the City: Councilman TimBen Boydston

Uploaded 10/23/2015

State of the City: Councilman TimBen Boydston

Mayor Marsha McLean and the Santa Clarita City Council heldĀ the annual State of the City luncheon Thursday, Oct. 22, 2015. This series ofĀ videos features some of the programs, projects and services that Santa Clarita has in store.

(c)2015 City of Santa Clarita | SCVTV
2 Comments for City of Santa Clarita: State of the City: Councilman TimBen Boydston
  1. Jean says:

    stop it, ashley I liretally just cried watching this video. perfect setting for yall, perfect song to capture the feeling of you both, everything was so perfect!!! I can’t wait to meet Tyman for real! haha what a great post to start the holiday week off right! miss yall!!

  2. jimvs says:

    Unfortunately I could not see any of these videos on my PC. I do wish that you could post these in an open format that does not require me to completely dispose of advertising and adverse access restrictions that I choose to use to ensure that downloaded data is not a danger to my security. No matter how many safe programs I allowed, I could not access the video. The only programs I did not allow are those that are listed by prominent security programs as either dangerous or “unknown”.

    I guess one must attend meetings and make recordings to ensure that what is said is captured for posterity.

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