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Around Town | (Video) Tourists, Locals Prompt Closing of Vasquez Canyon Road

Uploaded 11/25/2015

(Video) Tourists, Locals Prompt Closing of Vasquez Canyon Road

Vasquez Canyon Road was fenced up after dozens of tourists, locals and skateboarders showed up to witness what nature has done to the decades old street.

The road was closed off to traffic last week when a slow moving landslide caused the pavement to buckle and move about 15 feet.

Geologists and Steven Frasher, PIO for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, still don’t have an official answer as to why the hill collapsed, but say that “some linkage to water is plausible, but evidence is not sufficient enough to conclude that based on what has been found so far.”

They believe water may have seeped into the ground and weakened the soil. 

“Water could be a cause, but the October storms didn’t drop that much water in that area,” said Frasher. “Some storms in July did, but the soil that geologists have been looking at has been bone dry.”

The road has now been fenced off and no trespassing signs have been put up in an attempt to ward off any skateboarders, tourists and locals which have been climbing on what is now a hill.

Video by Jessica Boyer, Taylor Villanueva and Halie Cook 

Article by Halie Cook 

(c) SCVTV 2015
42 Comments for Vasquez Canyon Road : (Video) Tourists, Locals Prompt Closing of Vasquez Canyon Road
  1. Sergio Cortes lo k le estabamos platicando! 🙈👎

  2. Scott Oksas Joey Oksas Kaitlynn Kelley

  3. What are the visitors going to do, damage the road?

  4. As a local very near this street I’m sort of enjoying the piece and quite. So many get killed on this street during the Holidays. More will live if they are walking on it than driving on it. Not funny but true.

  5. Time to close it before someone gets hurt..

  6. Santa clarita tourist attraction.

  7. Should have been fenced-up when it all started. Why wait till someone get hurt.

  8. Ben Stroba Ben Stroba says:

    Darn it I didnt make it out there soon enough just to photograph

  9. Ann Hustis Ann Hustis says:

    Fools just stay away there is danger in that road

  10. Damit. I was going to wheel over it for photo op

  11. I took my kids to see it. But it was a learning thing. It was very cool to see.

  12. Brad Bergman Brad Bergman says:

    Just put up an “at your own risk” sogn. People can see it first hand and the city won’t be held reliable. Works for both parties

  13. The minute you start any work on the road the hill is gonna slide and how much you don’t know . Gotta start with the hill first .

  14. Can anyone tell me when the road opened originally? I’ve been looking and haven’t found anything

    • Ralph Green Ralph Green says:

      It was built I think in the early 90s? Maybe late 80s

    • Tessa Lucero says:

      It’s been there for a long time. If you stop and look at the culverts alongside the road they have dates on them. I would guess the road probably predates the culverts but they were put in in the 1950s as I recall.

  15. Chris Hulse Chris Hulse says:

    I have an idea bring a couple D9 up their level the area down to the chalk line where it’s probably slipping from put about 15 caissons in and rebuild the road it’s really not that difficult bedrock is about 52 feet down

  16. Linda Durst Linda Durst says:

    Glad I saw it b4 they closed it.

  17. Idiots…such danger! This is why thrill seekers get hurt…

  18. They should make it an attraction! It’s a new place to visit in SCV! Lol

  19. Eric Baker Eric Baker says:

    I can understand both sides. Fencing it for safety and so many coming to check it out, since it is pretty interesting….

  20. Good should have been done since the moment street was closed…

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