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Caltrans News Flash | Floodcast Prepares Caltrans For Real-Life Crises

Uploaded 12/23/2015

Floodcast Prepares Caltrans For Real-Life Crises

In this Caltrans News Flash, you’ll go behind the scenes at Floodcast 2015, a simulated flood event that served as a statewide disaster preparation drill.

Based on a megastorm-style weather event, Floodcast 2015 gave Caltrans staff a chance to refine and analyze their efforts to keep the state’s transportation system accessible and open during a statewide crisis.

The skills and experience gained during Floodcast 2015 are especially critical and applicable to Caltrans’ mission, given the expected impacts of the coming El Nino this winter.

This News Flash is the 59th in a series of videos highlighting Caltrans’ activities that keep California’s transportation system moving forward.

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