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Around Town | Character Actress Builds Audience, Performs on YouTube

Uploaded 01/22/2016

Character Actress Builds Audience, Performs on YouTube

As technology changes, platforms like YouTube have made it easier for users to create their own content and publish it.

That is exactly what 21-year-old Madison Brunoehler does.

Brunoehler, a character actress and YouTuber, uploads weekly comedy videos to her YouTube page, Madi2theMax. Her main audience is one she built herself through networking and online posts.

“I’ve always been really a character actress for as long as I can remember,” Brunoehler said.

The young actress said she heard the song “Call Me Maybe” on the radio and got the idea for her first spoof video.

What separates her from the millions of other YouTubers is that she stars as other people in her videos. Brunoehler spends time before and during her videos changing costumes, putting on wigs and applying makeup to become characters she has created.

“With characters like this they have a life of their own. It’s not just me, it’s them too.

“Any character actor would tell you that (the characters) are other people who live inside me.”

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