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SCV Today | Dante Acosta, Scott Spackey, Combat Radio

Uploaded 01/27/2016

Dante Acosta, Scott Spackey, Combat Radio

With Mike out of town Santa Clarita Mayor Pro-Tem Dante Acosta co-hosted with Tami and they welcomed Author Scott Spackey & Ethan Dettenmaier from Combat Radio.

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41 Comments for SCV Today: Dante Acosta, Scott Spackey, Combat Radio
  1. Much love for this guy!

  2. T Van Alden T Van Alden says:

    Check it people #CombatRadio

  3. Lindsey Dash Lindsey Dash says:

    When is the next Combat Raldio vent?????????

  4. The Question The Question says:

    The Question here is?

  5. Kirby Jones Kirby Jones says:

    Looking forward to the event.

  6. Lobot Jones Lobot Jones says:


  7. Todd Addison Todd Addison says:

    What’s up Ethan?

  8. Listening from Univeral STudios

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