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Around Town | Downed Oak Tree Wreaks Havoc for Sand Canyon Resident

Uploaded 02/12/2016

Downed Oak Tree Wreaks Havoc for Sand Canyon Resident

By Taylor Villanueva and Jessica Boyer 

An old oak tree is wreaking havoc in Sand Canyon after severe winds brought it down limb by limb.

The enormous heritage oak came down Wednesday afternoon, first on a car and later in a front yard.

“The first branch fell and it hit a car,” said Desiree Stiff, a tenant at the Sand Canyon home. “We left around 2:30 and got a call from the landlord saying that the whole tree collapsed.”

Now the city says the tree is privately owned but homeowners say it is a city owned tree.

“Half the tree is on the city line and half of the tree is on our property,” said Stiff.

Kevin Tonoian, administrative services manager for the city of Santa Clarita, says the city does not have any history of maintenance on the tree and has no history of owning the tree.

“The city reviewed our inventory as well as reviewed the information that we have available in our mapping service and the tree is not located within the public right of way,” said Tonoian.

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