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Del Valle Buggy Basks in Former Glory at Rancho Camulos

Del Valle Buggy Basks in Former Glory at Rancho Camulos

Uploaded 02/21/2016

The new, two-horse buggy that the Del Valle family purchased in 1861 and brought around Cape Horn to their 48,000-acre Rancho San Francisco (aka the Santa Clarita Valley) was in sad shape when Rancho Camulos Museum volunteer Ralph Rees and his wife Pat took it upon themselves to restore it to its former glory in 2009.

Recently, Ralph came up with the idea of building a carriage house with a 270-degree view so the buggy could be seen, appreciated and protected. Ralph designed the carriage house and managed a group of fellow volunteers who helped him build it on the museum grounds (10 miles west of Valencia on scenic Highway 126).

The new carriage house is nearly complete; a pecan tree that fell on the ranch property last year will provide lumber for the exterior siding.

On Sunday the buggy was rolled into the new carriage house for a formal dedication. The event doubled as a celebration of Ralph’s 90th birthday.

– Leon Worden

6 Comments for Rancho Camulos Museum: Del Valle Buggy Basks in Former Glory at Rancho Camulos
  1. Wendy Rees says:

    Cudos are also due to Pablo and Selso of Quality Upholstery of Ventura for the fabulous workmanship of reupholstery they did on the carriage. The “diamond tucks” they did on seats and window surround is stunning.

  2. hazel Rettig says:

    mr Rees is truly a pioneer of what made this country beautiful. He is a unique and historic treasure in himself. Just being in his presence is as awesome as his creations.

  3. Bob Hodges Bob Hodges says:

    Mr. Rees is one hell of a guy!!!! glad I got to know him while growing up, again Happy Birthday Mr. Ralph Rees I hope U had a wonderful day sir!

  4. Diane Babko says:

    The carriage house is beautiful. As usual, Ralph produced a gem. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. JD Chamberlain says:

    So great to see that Pat and Ralph Rees are so active and using their skills and talents always helping others. How wonderful.

    • Wendy Rees says:

      Sorry to tell you that 3 blows to the head from falls, dementia and a stroke have left Pat almost totally immobile.

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