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SCV Education Foundation | 12 Teachers Awarded $13,000 for Efforts in Innovative Teaching

Uploaded 03/03/2016

12 Teachers Awarded $13,000 for Efforts in Innovative Teaching

SomeĀ of the most passionate people in Santa Clarita’s school system gathered together Thursday afternoon to give out new tools to innovative teachers.

The teachers, from all five school districts, were being awarded for the 2016 Santa Clarita Education Foundation Teacher Innovation Grant.

“The grants went to teachers that applied that didnā€™t have something they needed in the classroom,” said James Backer, president of the SCV Education Foundation. “We want to give grants to those people because we know they are interested in enhancing the learning possibilities for their kids.”

Over the last 18 years, the foundation has given out over $10,000 a year to teachers to keep things interesting inside the classroom. This year the foundation awarded $13,000 in educational gadgets and tools to teachers that want to pave a new path forĀ preparing the next generation.

Items given out included iPads, online publishing software, physical education tools and engineering equipment.

“This equipment will not only allow them to get together and build significant relationships […] but it will also develop their strengths in science, math and engineering regardless of their gender, their disability, their background or their educational needs,” said Janice Elam, a teacher atĀ Charles Helmers Elementary School.

The awards will benefit over 3,500 students from elementary school level all the way to the high school level.

“Albert Einstein once said everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing it is stupid. So I believe that every student is a genius and we just need to look for what’s inside that student and bring that out. This program will allow students to build confidence in their dreams and their aspirations,” said Elam.

The SCV Education Foundation raises the funds for the TIG requests through Teacher Tribute, Principal for a Day and other corporate donations, according to the SCV Education Foundation information page.

It is open to all teachers who are employees of the Newhall School District, the Saugus Union School District, the William S. Hart School District, the Castaic Union School District and the Sulphur Springs School District.

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