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Canyon High Performing Arts Center: Ribbon Cutting 3-17-2016

Canyon High Performing Arts Center: Ribbon Cutting 3-17-2016

Uploaded 03/17/2016

Local high school officials cut the ribbon Thursday to the new 452-seat, 18,560-square-foot Performing Arts Center at Canyon High.

A comparable theater building at Saugus High is in the final stages of planning and approval.

Raucous applause greeted Canyon choir director Mary Purdy as she came to the podium. She said she had 15 years left in her teaching career when she first became involved in planning and promoting the long-awaited theater; now she’s a year away from retirement. Purdy, who has documented construction each week photographically, then took a selfie in front of the building.

Addressing choir and band members and drama students, Hart School Board Member Steve Sturgeon said the new theater is a place where they’d make memories to last a lifetime, and he thanked the taxpayers for approving the Measure SA construction bond that made the $13.8 million facility possible.


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  1. Bettie says:

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