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Hart Games | Over 300 Compete in Annual Hart Games

Uploaded 03/22/2016

Over 300 Compete in Annual Hart Games

A high wind warning didnā€™t keep over 300 competitors off the Valencia High School football field Tuesday morning for the 8th Annual Hart Games.

The games gave special education students from the Hart School District and Trinity Classical Academy an opportunity that many may not have had to compete in track and field.

“This is two monthartgames-3hs of preparation,” said Patti Miller, event coordinator. “A lot of our students have never competed before, they’re not onĀ teams so they are incredibly proud of themselves.”

The district-wide competition strives to provide athletes with an interest in physical activity with the thrill of competition, in an environment where nobody loses.

Athletes were able to participate in a relay race, shot put, and hurdles – to name a few.

“Some of the kids are pretty active, other kids aren’t.Ā This is some kids only chance to compete,” said Mike Pontius, starter for the event and a teacher at Valencia High School.

Ā Students from La Mesa, Placerita, Rancho Pico, Rio Norte and Sierra Vista junior high schools participated as well as Canyon, Golden Valley and Valencia high schools and some students from Trinity Classical Academy.

“A lot of the kids get to see friends from other schools they don’t see throughout the yearhartgames-2. A lot of reunions happen throughout the day so it’s a lot of fun for adults and the students,” said Pontius.

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