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Nonprofit/PSA | Volunteers Give HandsOn Help to Local Schools

Uploaded 04/15/2016

Volunteers Give HandsOn Help to Local Schools

In honor of National Volunteer Week, HandsOn Santa Clarita gave some hands on help to two local schools Friday morning.

Elementary school students aimed to make some fantastic improvements to their own campuses, Northpark Elementary and Cedarcreek Elementary.

The celebration of volunteers officially started Monday with theĀ Volunteer Recognition Dinner. On Tuesday, theĀ 2016 Volunteer of the Year, Barbara Boliver was honored during City Council.



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1 Comment for Nonprofits: Volunteers Give HandsOn Help to Local Schools
  1. Peter Henne says:

    The students if North Park Elementary were wonderful, enjoyed the experience to help make a difference on their campus. Painting wrought iron fence isn’t easy, especially in gusting winds! Sema Shah did a great job organizing the two events I went to, and the school staffs were very helpful and appreciative. Especially “Larry” at the North Park fence painting.

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