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Castaic Union School District | Castaic Middle School Teachers Surprised with Lounge Makeover

Uploaded 05/02/2016

Castaic Middle School Teachers Surprised with Lounge Makeover

Teachers at Castaic Middle School were pleasantly surprised when the Helpful Honda Guys appeared at their school early Monday morning to unveil a new and improved teacher’s lounge.

The teacher's lounge before the makeover.

The teacher’s lounge before the makeover.

Special Education teacher, Beth Holen, responded to a request for Teacher Appreciation Nominations on the SoCal Honda Dealers’ Facebook page asking if the Helpful Honda Guys in Blue could bring some helpful cheer to her fellow teachers.

Castaic Middle School has been through tough times as of late –including budget cuts and layoffs –so when it came time to nominate someone for Helpful Honda’s Teacher Appreciation Awards, she decided to honor not just one teacher, but every teacher on campus.

Due to Holen’s personal connection to the school and seeing many of her colleagues directly affected by the recent struggles and budget cuts, she wanted to show her colleagues how much they are appreciated and supported and to provide a much needed boost in morale amongst the very hard-working and dedicated staff. So, the SoCal Honda Dealers came to help.

Working with a dreary, and very out of date teacher’s lounge, the Helpful Honda Guys went to work making the new teacher’s lounge inviting, warm and relaxing by giving it a much-needed upgrade – complete with new flooring, new paint, a new chalkboard wall, new dining table, outdoor furniture, seating area, chrome books and so much more.

Celebrating teachers who make a difference is one of many ways the SoCal Honda Dealers are giving back to communities across Southern California and continuing their commitment to helpfulness.

The teacher's lounge after the makeover.

The teacher’s lounge after the makeover.

So far, the Guys in Blue have helped over 500 adoptable pets find forever homes at the Helpful Honda Pet Adoptions, surprised thousands of residents with complimentary roses on Valentine’s Day; and during Mother’s Day weekend, are surprising moms with the Helpful Honda Pop-Up spa and treating them to complimentary massages and manicures.

The Guys in Blue bring Random Acts of Helpfulness to local communities throughout the year in many different ways from picking up litter in neighborhood parks, carrying and loading groceries for shoppers, handing out water on hot days; to surprising sports fans at Dodgers and Angels games with seat upgrades and souvenirs, and spreading helpfulness to families at the LA Zoo and thrill-seekers at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

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