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Around Town | Parasitic Mites, Lack of Land Could be to Blame for Decline in Honey Bees

Uploaded 05/25/2016

Parasitic Mites, Lack of Land Could be to Blame for Decline in Honey Bees

Strawberries, Oranges, Almonds – you name it, bees probably pollinate it. But all of those amazing fruits, nuts and vegetables could disappear with the mysterious decline of the honey bee population.

In 2006, there was a major die-off of bees, now known as a Colony Collapse Disorder, which resulted in the near disappearance of adult worker bees.

According to the Bee Informed Partnership, a collaboration between the United States Department of Agriculture, the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, universities and research labs that aims to understand the honey bee decline, 44 percent of the nations bees died over the past year.

The partnership surveyed 5,756 beekeepers which managed 389,083 colonies from April 2015 to April 2016. Preliminary results showed the 44 percent loss was worse than the year before.

“There used to be 5.3 million hives in the U.S. There’s only 2.4 million hives in the U.S. and it takes 1.6  million to do the pollination (for almonds),” said Chip Vannoy, a beekeeper and owner of Bennett’s Honey Farm in Fillmore.

Researches from the US Department of Agriculture say the leading cause of colony losses is a parasitic mite, called the Varroa Mite, that compromises the bees immune system.

“No one can do anything about the specific circumstances that we have now. The biggest problems with the bees is we have a parasite and viruses that have transferred from other strains to bees on to our strain of bees. Because of those viruses their immune systems are compromised,” said Vannoy. “So when you incorporate insecticides (…) into the factor of immune systems that are already compromised the bees are dying. What we need, as an industry, is places for our bees to bring in healthy nutrition.”

Vannoy says that what beekeepers and honey bees really need to thrive is open land for them to forage on.

“What we need is places to keep our bees that are pesticide free,” he said.


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5 Comments for The Honey Bee Decline: Parasitic Mites, Lack of Land Could be to Blame for Decline in Honey Bees
  1. javier says:

    In Spain we are having loses of about 30 %. When we don`t have fruits, vegetables , cotton, etc, we will apreciate the important of the bees

  2. Nadiya Littlewarrior says:

    ……..let’s not forget that big ag has been poisoning everything in site at least since the late 1940’s. Interesting that it apparently does not kill mites! That Monsanto/Koch has been putting poisonous carcinogenic additives in all processed foods with absolutely no regard what so ever for humans.
    And GMO’s? Don’t get me started!!!🙈😡 we can’t even stand together as a human race to be humans together much less have a clue how to break up the human hating corporations that now control the health of every living being, including bees….

  3. Brian says:

    Bees were introduced to North America by European settlers. They were not here 300 years ago, they simply augmented other insects that pollinate flowers. If the bees die off, other insects and birds will fill their places. It might suck for the bee/honey industry, but nature will return the balance without mankind having to lift a finger…

  4. Kell says:

    Its not rocket science, the answer is here http://www.geoengineeringwatch… or just google the phrase “Honey bees Geoengineering” This is why all the honeybees are dying, the spraying is going on worldwide its not isolated to the US, if honeybees are dying on multiple continents why else could this “bee happening” be happening, are they really trying to imply there is a bee disease that has spread across multiple continents already. And now Obama and the Gov’t is on the case WHEEEEWWW we can ALL relax now, are you kidding, its so funny how in this country the same party that creates a problem, then releases a “study” of WHY it’s happening to begin with and we all take it as the gospel, they can be the creators AND the investigators and “study releasers” at the same time. Then they’re gonna come back and say “studies show” there’s a bad case of honey bee Aids going around or honey bees are depressed and are committing suicide at large numbers hahaha wake up people, “We must remain vigilant, think critically, and question EVERYTHING.” stop relying on these “studies” as a copp out to doing your own research and concluding what makes sense.

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