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Uploaded 06/03/2016

Hart Teacher Follows Heart

For some, retiring means days filled chasing hobbies, vacations, and relishing in all life has to offer, but for one Hart teacher, it means much more.

Mary Ellen Kearney has been teaching literature for 30 years, but the themes of love found in many great books will also soon be part of her life.

While she is certainly excited to begin her new life, retiring also brings many reflections on why her career has been so fulfilling and it all boils down to one thing: passion.

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4 Comments for Hart High School: Hart Teacher Follows Heart
  1. Bob Hernandez says:

    Wonderful…very excited for you…live life to the fullest.

    Bob Hernandez
    President The ARTree

  2. Terry Comp says:

    Congratulations, Mary Ellen on making such a big difference in so many lives in Santa Clarita through your teaching- both paid and as a inspirational volunteer. Bravo, and best wishes for a bright future!

  3. Brandon Montemayor says:

    I had the privilege of having Ms. Kearney as a teacher multiple times throughout my high school years. She was a caring, fair, challenging, energetic, motivating, and gifted teacher. She definitely played a huge role in preparing me for college English and writing classes, and she did the same for quite a few friends of mine, as well. I wish you luck, love, and good fortune in your upcoming travels and ventures. Thank you for being such a great influence in my education and life!

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