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Newhall School District | Newhall District Art Show Features Progression of Students’ Work

Uploaded 06/08/2016

Newhall District Art Show Features Progression of Students’ Work

Students from all 10 schools of the Newhall School District had their artwork shown to dozens of visitors Tuesday as part of the district’s annual art show at Valencia Valley Elementary School.

Paintings, sculptures and more were featured on tables and walls from students of all grades.

“We ask students from across the district to turn in their favorite piece of artwork for the whole year,” said John Fossa, a visual arts teacher. “We collect it all and display it so we have thousands of drawings, prints and all kinds of things.”

Every student was given the opportunity to have their creations featured. From there, the artwork was separated by grades for visitors to see how students develop their skills over time.

“You get to see how kindergartners mix paints, how first graders mix paints, all the way to sixth graders and what they could do with paints,” said Fossa. “So the students are building skills from previous years just like how they do in math or writing.”

With elections and other events taking place on the same day, the art show managed to attract dozens of kids, parents and more throughout its three hour showcase.

“The place was full,” said Fossa.  “There’s so much going on in the community, it’s really great to see so many people just take in some art.”


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