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President Barack Obama | Statement the Murder of Police Officers in Dallas

Uploaded 07/08/2016

Statement the Murder of Police Officers in Dallas

President Obama delivers a statement on the attacks on law enforcement in Dallas, Texas.




With your understanding, I want to begin with a few words about the situation back in the United States, specifically the situation in Dallas, Texas.

My team has been keeping me updated throughout the morning of the evening in Dallas.  I spoke this morning with Mayor Rawlings of Dallas to convey the deepest condolences of the American people.  I told him that the federal government will provide whatever assistance Dallas may need as it deals with this tremendous tragedy.

We still don’t know all the facts.  What we do know is that there has been a vicious, calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement.  Police in Dallas were on duty, doing their jobs, keeping people safe during peaceful protests.  These law enforcement officers were targeted, and nearly a dozen officers were shot.  Five were killed.  Other officers and at least one civilian were wounded — some are in serious condition, and we are praying for their recovery.

As I told Mayor Rawlings, I believe that I speak for every single American when I say that we are horrified over these events, and that we stand united with the people and the police department in Dallas.  According to police, there are multiple suspects.  We will learn more, undoubtedly, about their twisted motivations.  But let’s be clear:  There is no possible justification for these kinds of attacks or any violence against law enforcement. The FBI is already in touch with the Dallas police, and anyone involved in these senseless murders will be held fully accountable.  Justice will be done.

I will have more to say about this as the facts become more clear.  For now, let me just say that even as yesterday I spoke about our need to be concerned, as all Americans, about racial disparities in our criminal justice system, I also said yesterday that our police have an extraordinarily difficult job and the vast majority of them do their job in outstanding fashion.  I also indicated the degree to which we need to be supportive of those officers who do their job each and every day, protecting us and protecting our communities.

Today is a wrenching reminder of the sacrifices that they make for us.  We also know that when people are armed with powerful weapons, unfortunately it makes attacks like these more deadly and more tragic. And in the days ahead, we’re going to have to consider those realities as well.

In the meantime, today our focus is on the victims and their families.  They are heartbroken.  The entire city of Dallas is grieving.  Police across America, which is a tight-knit family, feels this loss to their core.  And we’re grieving with them.  I’d ask all Americans to say a prayer for these officers and their families.  Keep them in your thoughts.  And as a nation, let’s remember to express our profound gratitude to our men and women in blue — not just today, but every day.

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23 Comments for President Barack Obama: Statement the Murder of Police Officers in Dallas
  1. Angie Smith Angie Smith says:

    You suck Obama

  2. Nothing to do with the color of his skin..Which of course is the excuse I hear from the left. The bottom line is he’s divided the country (BHO campaign slogan,”change”) GO TRUMP

  3. Cops murdered by BLM terrorist, a group he supports.
    Blames the gun and NRA in 3-2-1…

  4. Every time the president is mentioned on this page and I read the comments I am ashamed of my home town.

  5. Every time the president is mentioned on this page and I read the comments I am ashamed of my home town.

  6. Yesterday he whistled a different tune about the two black men shot before it’s clear what and why it happened. HILLARY was planning on speaking to the BLivesM. Group til Dallas happened.Dayton Gov.. Added fuel to the fire too. Dumb comment before the facts of the shooting are in. Called it racist. I call it paranoia by threatened officers on a daily basis!

  7. This is a tragic example off the divide in America since Obama was elected! I’d like the statics for the last 8 years as to how many black people were killed by other black people. I’d like the numbers of how many blacks were killed by police officers unjustifiably (very, very few,and the number of officers that have been shot, wounded or killed by black criminals. Two just today, shot.Five yesterday. HILLARY was scheduled to speak to Black lives matter group today. Pandering is her long suit. She cancelled that and now will speak at a black church group. Obama has got to bear some blame beca name use he defends the blacks who kill and wound there own too.then look at the Mexicans that have killed cops. My nephew was one.get rid of liberals!

    • Silvia RH Silvia RH says:

      I’m curious. How is it Obama’s fault?

    • Silvia RH Silvia RH says:

      I’m curious. How is it Obama’s fault?

    • Exactly Silvia RH, blame for what??

    • Silvia, he is president to all Americans, not just black people. He panders to blacks . If you don’t believe me look at his past rhetoric when a black person is killed by a white person. Tray bob who got shot beating a Mexicans head on the cement until he got shot in self defense. Baltimore was another. Look at killings in Chicago and then he wants to let the black criminals out of prison.he had invited “black lives Matter” group to the Whitehouse when they scream “pigs in a Blanket fry um like bacon” haven’t heard him defend a white cop yet and 5 just died in a city that has good race relations and a black police chief! Shall I go on! 58%of black people are on welfare! And commit proportionally commit more murders against blacks and white people. Haven’t heard a peep out of him in 8 yrs about that yet! Yes it’s partly his fault!

    • Anny Meza Anny Meza says:

      Just saying. And only because the media won’t cover the rest of the crime percentile doses not mean it’s just THE BLACKS AND MEXICANS!!! ….. open your eyes it’s the media trying to separate up they are trying to get us to hate each other and separate us get us to fight ourselves and it’s working to

    • I agree. The media throws fuel on the fire between races. It sells and it’s sad.the lives lost due to media racial promoting on the news is very evil and self serving.

  8. Obama. It’s not the gun that kills. It’s the people behind the gun. You are trying to take guns from decent law abiding people. You will NEVER get the guns
    away from criminals. This was an attack by a veteran. How do you suppose he got the guns in the first place. # pathetic

    • Exactly, this man is trying to take guns from people yet he is protected by men WITH GUNS. So its okay for him to protect his family with guns but its not okay for anyone else.. its such a joke. Our society today is so mentally backwards, its astonishing to see.

  9. ☝🏻️that is one pathetic statement

  10. Chito King Chito King says:

    Only racist people hate Obama because he’s black

    • Trolls on the prowl lol

    • What? So if someone doesnt like obama for his choices that makes them racist? That is the dumbest thing i have ever heard. So any white person who doesnt like a black person because of something they have said or done that means the white person is racist? Yet if a black person doesnt like a white person for the same reason that is not racist at all? Lol no wonder other countries say the US is the dumbest country in the world.
      With this logic you will only divide races even more than they already are. But hey, im white so i must be racist, right?

  11. What a junk President.

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