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Caltrans News Flash | Caltrans Turns Rest Areas Into Pokestops

Uploaded 08/08/2016

Caltrans Turns Rest Areas Into Pokestops

Caltrans operates a network of more than 50 Safety Roadside Rest Areas, which provide many amenities for motorists traveling on California’s robust State Highway System. In addition to spaces for motorists to get out and stretch, use the restroom, take a nap, or get refreshments, many of Caltrans’ Safety Roadside Rest Areas now feature wild Pokemon, Pokestops, and Pokemon Gyms.

Caltrans reminds drivers that it is never OK to play and drive, and urges all players to safely catch ‘em all by pulling over and taking advantage of one of these Rest Areas around the state.

(c)2016 Caltrans | SCVTV
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