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Metro | Future I-5 Improvements Detailed at Open House

Uploaded 10/21/2016

Future I-5 Improvements Detailed at Open House

The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority, in cooperation with Caltrans District 7, hosted a Community Open House on Oct. 20 at the Santa Clarita City Council Chambers to discuss the final design for the proposed improvements.

These improvements are part of a multi-phase program identified in Metro’s Long Range Transportation Plan as I-5 North Capacity Enhancements. The design phase will occur from Summer 2016 to Winter 2018, with construction estimated to occur Spring 2019 through Winter 2022.

On the northbound side of I-5, two enhancements are being developed.

First, existing I-5 HOV lanes, which run from the San Fernando Valley to the south, will be extended north from their current termination at SR-14 to just south of Parker Road, providing continuous HOV carpool lanes on I-5 through the Santa Clarita Valley. Second, auxiliary lanes will be completed between Calgrove Blvd and Pico-Lyons, and between Valencia Blvd and Magic Mountain Parkway. Two enhancements are also being developed for the southbound I-5.

These include: an additional truck lane added from Pico Canyon Road-Lyons Avenue to SR-14, and auxiliary lanes added from SR-126 to Rye Canyon, Rye Canyon to Magic Mountain Parkway, and Valencia Blvd to McBean Parkway.

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1 Comment for Metro: Future I-5 Improvements Detailed at Open House
  1. MacNicol says:

    The stretch of I-5 between SR-126 & Pico-Lyons Rd is the WORST pavement anywhere on the 3000+ miles if I-5. It is an embarassment that it is the impression travelers have of the SCV when driving thru it. It must be resurfaced before this new construction.

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