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George Runner, BOE | Talking Taxes with George Runner: Barbershop Edition

Uploaded 03/15/2017

Talking Taxes with George Runner: Barbershop Edition

Board of Equalization Member George Runner visits a black-owned barbershop and beauty salon in the Natomas area of Sacramento to get a fresh haircut and talk state proposals to implement a sales tax on services.

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3 Comments for George Runner, BOE: Talking Taxes with George Runner: Barbershop Edition
  1. Jim Ventress says:

    No new taxes though.

  2. Jim Ventress says:


  3. David says:

    NO NEW TAXES….PERIOD…this is already the highest taxed state. It’s time to elimate programs and cut….you are driving away individuals who retire to locations that are cheaper to live. I for one am moving based on two things. Taxes and Firearms restrictions. Those two things are the reasons for why I’m leaving California. Now, if you would exempt Retirees from Income tax, then I would reconsider, but I know that’s not going to happen. So, I will take all my investments that will be cashed out at 59 1/2 and another state will get the benefit of the sales tax. NOT the Socialist Republic of Taxifornia. NOT ONE PENNY.

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