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NorthLake Project | Public Hearing on 3,150-home Castaic Area Development

Uploaded 05/25/2017

Public Hearing on 3,150-home Castaic Area Development

Residents were invited to attend a public hearing for the proposed NorthLake development project that would involve development of up to 3,150 residential units, 9.2 acres of commercial uses, 13.9 acres of industrial uses, 791.6 acres of parks and open space, a 23-acre school site, and a 1.4 acre pad for a future fire station in the Castaic area.

The NorthLake Specific Plan site comprises approximately 1,330 acres of undeveloped land east of Interstate (I) 5, west of Castaic Lake, and north of the community of Castaic, California in unincorporated Los Angeles County.

The proposed project would be developed in two phases.

  • Phase 1 would include 720 acres of the southern portion of the Specific Plan area.

  • Phase 2 would include the remaining acres and build approximately 1,200 units and will be built at a later date.

The proposed project has three areas of environmental analysis with significant and unavoidable impacts: Traffic, Air Quality, and Noise.

The public review and comment period for the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report runs through June 15, 2017, at 5 p.m.


Comments can be written to Jodie Sackett, County of Los Angeles, Department of Regional Planning, 320 West Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90012.

Comments can be e-mailed to

See the NorthLake Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report [here]



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1 Comment for NorthLake Project: Public Hearing on 3,150-home Castaic Area Development
  1. waterwatcher says:

    This is one of those projects that will automatically be included in the giant new water agency. If you don’t want the creation of a DWP in our valley, better write a letter opposing SB634 NOW to your senators and now, before its too late.

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