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COC Cougar News | Spotlight on Saugus Cafe

Uploaded 05/31/2017

Spotlight on Saugus Cafe

As the Saugus Cafe will soon celebrate its 130th anniversary,ย Cougar News reporter Sam Delgado takes a look at how one of the oldest restaurants in Los Angeles County is faring today.

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36 Comments for COC Cougar News: Spotlight on Saugus Cafe
  1. Temera Porter says:

    I used to work there, graveyard shifts, Friday and Saturday and Sunday 2nd shift. But the real fun was Saturday night after the races at the Saugus Speedway. But I’m sure you’ll never hear the true history of Newhall, Saugus and Canyon Country….all the history is now under a lot of the houses being built around the Santa Clarita Valley. How sad for this to take place.

  2. Lynette says:

    I haven’t been there in decades, but I rate all bleu cheese dressings against theirs. My mom still has a painting she bought there in the 70’s.

  3. Art Gilbreath says:

    I grew up in Saugus. Went to Saugus Elementary school up the block from the Cafe. My girl friends dad had a Barbers Shop that used the left end of the Cafe. Jack Brand was the barber. I even stayed across the street with a friend that lived in the upper part of the train station. The Cafe was s great place for food. I am glad it still alive

  4. Larry Martin says:

    Loved the place after the races Saturday night in the early ’70’s

  5. We ate there a couple of weeks ago,everything was just fine!๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Debra DiPrimio and Connie Ronning

  7. Brian Homer says:

    Jef Reilly, home of the world’s largest glass of milk.

  8. Van Ha says:

    Cheers to the local greasy spoon.

  9. Elizabeth Price Bryant I remember going there to eat after we would watch your brother race

  10. Used to love going here for dinner with my father on Sunday nights, but the last few times we went they had new servers and we pretty much were ignored half the time. Because of that, we won’t be back anymore.

  11. One of the best places around.

  12. I miss there chilly

  13. Nasty as food to share with all of the cockroaches in there !
    They shouldn’t even serve food there! Very dirty ๐Ÿ˜’
    How is this place still open?
    The way station kicks your ass๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป

  14. I love this place!

  15. John says:

    Used to go here alot with my dad in the early 80s.

  16. Upgrade seating booths, very uncomfortable and hard to get up from. Food was cold last time wr ste there, service was terrible. Would not go back.

  17. Dorene Tapp says:

    Hubby and I had breakfast there a couple of weeks ago. He loves Saugus Cafe.

  18. Carlos G. Castillo and Brenda E. Castillo – how were you not featured?!

  19. Jared Axen says:

    This is my home :)

  20. Wouldn’t it be great if city funds were designated to restore this dump of a diner, but which has local sentimental value.

    • George Hickey says:

      I think they can match dollar for dollar on historic property. just have to make it historic

  21. Jeff Winner says:

    I think Gordon Ramsey needs to pay a visit๐Ÿ˜Ž

  22. Brian Geary says:

    My grandparents had supper there on the drive to their honeymoon cabin in 1932.

  23. Hope they upgrade the booths… big saggy benches … food was poor…

  24. Love this place….so glad its still there!!

  25. Hard to believe it is still there.

  26. Loved the biscuits, sliced tomatoes and country gravy!!

  27. My mom worked here in the 60’s โค

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