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SCV Veterans History Project: Veterans History Project Panel Discuss Effects of PTSD

Uploaded 05/31/2017

Veterans History Project Panel Discuss Effects of PTSD

Forty percent of veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder will commit a violent crime in their lifetime. Veterans Treatment Courts work with veterans in the justice system to prevent recidivism and give them access to healthcare. Join the Veterans History Project, the National Institute of Corrections, and leading experts on PTSD as they discuss why this occurs, what research is currently being conducted, and what you can do to support veterans with PTSD.

Opening Remarks: Maj. Gen. Clyde Tate (USA, Ret.)
Opening Remarks: Melissa Fitzgerald (Actress and Senior Director of Justice for Vets)
Moderator: Jonathan Elias (WJLA-TV)
Respondent/Closing Remarks: Jake Tapper (CNN)

Judge Vance Peterson, Spokane County District Court
Bernie Edelman, Vietnam Veteran and Author
Dr. Tom Berger, Vietnam Navy Corpsman
Timothy Wynn, USMC Iraq Veteran
Greg Crawford, Army Veteran

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