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Legacy | Elizabeth Blum Billet: Continuing a Century of Service

Uploaded 08/31/2017

Elizabeth Blum Billet: Continuing a Century of Service

Legacy: Santa Clarita’s Living History

Elizabeth Blum Billet


Current owner of Blum Ranch in Acton, Elizabeth Blum tells of the history of the ranch and how she came to own the property.

Her grandfather George Blum filed homestead papers in 1891 on 160 acres, later turning back 120 acres, with 40 acres left to build a home and farm, establishing the ranch. George J., his son, homesteaded 150 acres adjoining the original property in the early 1900s. George J. later had 2 children, George Jr. and Elizabeth.

Since late 1953, Elizabeth and her husband Ray Billet have continued working the ranch with about 60 acres planted: 1,000 pear trees, 5,500 peaches with 3,000 of those Blum’s Beauty that Ray developed, and 3 acres of lilacs. They are continuing a family tradition started in 1891, over 100 years ago.

Filmed on December 10, 2002. Edited 2017.

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2 Comments for Legacy: Elizabeth Blum Billet: Continuing a Century of Service
  1. Denny Truger says:

    Loved it. Very interesting

  2. Denny Truger says:

    I loved it. Very interesting..

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