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COC Cougar News | DACA Dreamers Protest President Trump Decision in Santa Clarita

Uploaded 09/07/2017

DACA Dreamers Protest President Trump Decision in Santa Clarita

Cougar News reporter Jed Bookout speaks with DACA recipient Maria Moran, COC Political Science Professor Phil Gussin, and COC VP of Public Information Eric Harnish on the recent DACA ruling by the Trump Administration.

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48 Comments for COC Cougar News: DACA Dreamers Protest President Trump Decision in Santa Clarita
  1. Jeanne Marten says:

    And 2 of my daughters have the last name Garcia so no I am not racist.

    The comment below should have read
    Here ARE a couple clue’s. Saved before proofing.

  2. Jeanne Marten says:

    Here is a couple clue’s for the protesters…

    70% of Republicans want to let you stay including President Trump.

    Do not demand,ask, otherwise it just tick’s people off.

    Use English only signs. The point is that you are already assimilated into America and educated by us. Speak English.

    Do not insult President Trump and Republicans. We both want you to stay.

  3. Lloyd Eisler says:

    These people need to start working, paying taxes, contribute and then MAYBE there will be a path to success but your worthless ass should not be living oiff my har dearned dollars. Pay our Veterans before ANY DACA indivisual.

  4. Wendy Cruden says:

    Saw this today! If your parents sneak you into Disneyland and they get caught, and kick you out, do you blame your parents? Or Disneyland? You should be blaming your parents!

  5. Nice to know how racists my hometown is. Making fun of people’s signs that are protesting, in search for a better life. “One nation, under God, with liberty, and justice for all.” Guess all of the Germans magically showed up here with legal citizenship. So the Indians could sign their papers for them after slaughtering them. HA WOW! Insane.

  6. What is it about the word ‘illegal’ that these people don’t get? This is a country full of immigrants…..LEGAL immigrants. Some of us have been here for generations and others are new but the thing we Americans have in common is that we came under the rules and still follow the law of the land!πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  7. Vanessa Diaz says:

    It’s always people with no picture on their profile that talk down on what really matters. Smh.

  8. Karen Bunn says:

    No idea that my town was so full of a-holes. The white privileged kids of this town (especially the ones that come to my neighborhood and bust up all the pool furniture, and buy/sell drugs in the parking lot driving cars that cost more than my house) can’t hold a candle to these kids. And, I suppose you all have your bigoted asses in the Church pews on Sunday as well. Lovely.

  9. Steve Brown says:

    Damn, I wish I had known they would be protesting out here, I’d have driven by, honked my horn and given each and everyone the finger. I guess these aren’t the DACA folk with high paying jobs, are Doctors, Lawyers, or Military. Do you still get welfare if you are out protesting instead of looking for a job?? Do you get Gang Member Credits for protesting, or only for robbing the white man???

  10. Hey look, a gathering of people who have no real clue how the immigration system works.

  11. Not surprised that all. All these comments. People in Santa Clarita are racist.

  12. Why , πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  13. Jocel Alcedo says:

    Go back to your country of origin!

  14. KJ Slo says:

    They need to apply for citizenship like everyone else! Follow our laws!

  15. Nikki Rae says:

    You already have California tax payers paying for your legal fees and the state not enforcing federal laws, you will get no sympathy from me. I’m concerned for the real vulnerable citizens of this state: the disabled, elderly, and homeless.

  16. Hey they don’t look like border brothers 🀣🀣🀣 I know I suck 🀠🀠🀠

  17. Lyn O'Kane says:

    Brought illegally by their parents, so blame their parents

  18. They need to be protesting Obama for not going thru the proper constitutional channels to make it permenent instead if temporary by his magic pen and leaving these people in limbo…leaving the current president to try to make it permenent constitutionally ….they are not helping themselves by protesting him….

  19. Ken Hartzog says:

    What better way to gain empathy about illegal immigration from voters then to protest with signs in Spanish.

  20. William Reel says:


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