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NASA Specials | Cassini End of Mission Commentary

Uploaded 09/15/2017

Cassini End of Mission Commentary

On Sept. 15, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft completed its remarkable story of exploration with an intentional plunge into Saturn’s atmosphere, ending its mission after nearly 20 years in space. Live commentary of Cassini’s end of mission activities was shown on NASA TV and the agency’s website. Launched in 1997, Cassini arrived in orbit around Saturn in 2004 on a mission to study the giant planet, its rings, moons and magnetosphere.

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1 Comment for NASA Specials: Cassini End of Mission Commentary
  1. Chris Hulse says:

    I have a great idea, instead of destroying the next one, turn it around on free trajectory. And fly is back here, capture it and bring it home on the dragon! This way you can study exrtreme life in space, all aspects of the type of erriosion if any. The types of wear, have you done this for an extremely long span. Now that’s a complete test! Waiting for an answer.

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