| City: Newhall Crossings Development Breaks Ground

City: Newhall Crossings Development Breaks Ground

Uploaded 10/12/2017

Newhall Crossings Development Breaks Ground

The mixed use development coming to Downtown Newhall officially broke ground on Thursday.

City Council members, representatives from the project’s developer, and many other local luminaries celebrated the construction of the Newhall Crossings project.

Newhall Crossings will feature a brand new Laemmle Theater, living spaces, shopping, and more.

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1 Comment for City: Newhall Crossings Development Breaks Ground
  1. jim says:

    WTF is New Haul Crossings? I pay attention and have never heard this name, project, boojum or paraphrase for development of properties that should, and damned well better pay their own way into helping to develop the entire SCV.

    If the Yack-head in this video is the guy in charge, he’d better learn to do more than just recite the names of all those who will profit from this.

    And I do remember Laurene Weste, but that was back when she didn’t have a sinecure as a Council Person.

    OMG, we get our own Parking Structure? Gee, is that something like Infra-Structure?