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Sierra Vista Junior High | Sierra Vista Life, 2-14-18

Uploaded 02/14/2018

Sierra Vista Life, 2-14-18

VALENTINES DAY – ToValentine’s Day, go around campus and find your heart with your name on it. If you find it, bring your heart with your I.D card to the Outdoor Stage you can trade it in for a Hershey Kiss during brunch.

STRAWBERRY MILK – In honor of Valentine’s Day, Strawberry Splash Milk will be served with breakfast all this week in the cafeteria. Come check it out!

A NIGHT IN PARIS DANCE – Join us for ” A Night in Paris” dance. Tickets go on sale starting Tuesday, 2/20 and Wednesday for $5, and $8 on Thursday, and $10 on Friday 2/23. Bring money for the “Stuffed Crepes” food truck and the photographer. We will have games and much more at the dance!!!

HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS – Congratulations to the Spring Honor Society Officers for 7th & 8th grade!!

MEDIEVAL TIMES – Attention seventh grade students! The Medieval Times field trip draws near! This Thursday, February 15th, we will be leaving the front of the school promptly at 3:30. Buses will begin loading at 3:15. Be advised that we are on a strict schedule, so please be on time. If you are late, the buses may leave without you. Your transportation, admission, and food have already been paid for, but you may wish to bring money for souvenirs. Please check which bus you are on in the glass case by the counseling office, so you will be ready to board this Thursday. If you have any questions, please see your history teacher.

CLUB PHOTOS – Yearbook Club Photo Day is TODAY. If you belong to a club or co-curricular program, please check the schedules posted around campus and make note of when your club photo is being taken. At that time, you are excused to leave class to be in your club photo. You will be given a pass to return to class to prove that you were in the photo.

SSA – Safe School Ambassadors, we have a meeting TODAY at lunch in room 101. Please come promptly with your food so we can get started right away. Thank you in advance for your participation!

CLUBS & ACTIVITIES – Today in clubs and activities, the Metal Fusion club is in room 902 and the Writers Club is in room 102.

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