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City of Santa Clarita | Keep Santa Clarita Green By Recycling Used Oil

Uploaded 02/26/2018

Keep Santa Clarita Green By Recycling Used Oil

Please do not place used motor oil, filters, or other automotive fluids in your regular trash or recycling containers. Santa Clarita has over 30 certified collection centers that will take and recycle used motor oil and filters for FREE. Visit for more information.

To dispose of antifreeze, gasoline, windshield washer fluid, or other types of automotive fluid, visit a S.A.F.E. Collection center or watch for a local collection event.

  • The S.A.F.E. Collection Centers are located at:

    11025 Randall Street
    Sun Valley, CA 91352
    10241 N. Balboa Blvd.
    Northridge, CA 91325

    These centers are open Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Please call to verify current hours of operation:: 1-800-988-6942

You can also visit for locations outside of Santa Clarita

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