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Around Town | Local Students Rally, Show Solidarity for Parkland Students

Uploaded 03/14/2018

Local Students Rally, Show Solidarity for Parkland Students

California Institute of the Arts and Hart District students joined the rallies, walkouts, and demonstrations happening across the country on Wednesday.

Local students participated in the nationwide “March for our Lives” demonstration, which was in response to the recent school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, through on-campus demonstrations, petition signings, and tributes.

On Hart District’s end, administrators were told to make accommodations in their schedules in order to allow sufficient time for interested students to participate without missing class time.

CalArts saw students walk out of class for 17 minutes, in solidarity with the 17 lives taken during the Parkland, Florida high school’s shooting that happened exactly one month ago today.


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1 Comment for News: Local Students Rally, Show Solidarity for Parkland Students
  1. Mike says:

    Our public schools take sides on a political issue and use the students in their care as pawns, even going so far as to use class time to promote it. Regardless of the issue, this kind of thing should never be allowed to happen, and the schools should be first in line to ensure that it does not. The schools and teachers have betrayed their students and their trust.

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