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Saugus High School | Saugus News Network, 3-19-18 | Net Neutrality Segment

Uploaded 03/19/2018

Saugus News Network, 3-19-18 | Net Neutrality Segment

Daily Show.
Nicole Holguin
Hailey Rutter
Andrew Sutherland
Net Neutrality in America

1 Comment for Saugus High School: Saugus News Network, 3-19-18 | Net Neutrality Segment
  1. Tiffany Penman says:

    Not true true what they are saying about Net Neutrality. There was no problems until it went into effect. There is no free speech on the Internet anymore. People keep getting censored & banned. Also if you live in what it considered a “ruaral” area, Internet providers don’t care about you anymore. Unless you already have service with them you can’t change or cancel your service. You are not worth their time. You can not get anyone to service you. That is what we found. We had no problems with getting Internet. It wasn’t great (only DSL), but after Net Neutrality went into effect no service provider will service our area. If we have service but we can’t change our package & if we cancel we will have no internet since they & no other providers will service our area any longer in Castaic. All our discounts have been taken away & we pay full price ($50) for basic DSL that is so crappy. We need a new router. It’s so old & obsolte that we can’t find something better. I got a replacement on eBay that is exactly the same, If our Internet company did anything it would be $100 to replace it but also $100/hr for a technician to look at it first since they don’t service our area any longer. Net Neutrality is bad.

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