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NASA | This Week @ NASA: Human Exploration Rover Challenge

Uploaded 04/16/2018

This Week @ NASA: Human Exploration Rover Challenge

A challenge for the next generation of explorers …

An eye-popping virtual tour of the Moon …

And introducing the public to a universe of discovery – a few of the stories to tell you about – This Week at NASA!

Human Exploration Rover Challenge

The 24th annual Human Exploration Rover Challenge kicked off on April 13 in Huntsville, Alabama. The two-day competition hosted by our Marshall Space Flight Center, challenges students to build and test human-powered roving vehicles inspired by the Apollo lunar missions as well as plans for future missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond. The competition routinely includes teams from the continental U.S., Puerto Rico, and countries such as Brazil, Germany, India and Mexico.

Tour of the Moon in 4K

A five-minute virtual tour of the Moon by our Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission has been recreated in eye-popping 4K resolution. The tour visits a number of lunar sites — some are on the Moon’s near side and are familiar to both professional and amateur observers on Earth, while others can only be seen clearly from space.

NASA Participates in USA Science & Engineering Festival

Our scientists, engineers, and other experts introduced the public to a universe of discovery at the USA Science & Engineering Festival, April 7-8 in Washington, DC. Interactive activities and presentations helped festival attendees learn about exoplanets, CubeSats, the James Webb Space Telescope, deep-space exploration and more.

A Chat From Space with “One Strange Rock’s” Will Smith

Will Smith, Actor:
“How many sunrises and sunsets do you see in the course of a day?”

Actor Will Smith – the host of the National Geographic Channel documentary, ‘One Strange Rock,’ chatted with our astronaut Drew Feustel for the first Instagram Live from the International Space Station.

Drew Feustel, NASA Astronaut:
“We pick up sixteen sunrises and sunsets – it takes me an hour and a half to get around the planet once … Wow!”

The event ran on Smith and NatGeo’s Instagram accounts.

NASA Nominated for Six 2018 Webby Awards

Our digital communications efforts to bring you last year’s total solar eclipse, Cassini’s grand finale, and other events not only made 2017 our biggest year yet for online engagement – but also have earned us nominations for six Webby Awards, the highest honor for online communications. The nominations are for NASA websites and social media activity. For more details about the nominations and to learn how to vote go to

NASA Names New Chief Scientist

Jim Green, our director of Planetary Science has been named as the agency’s new chief scientist, effective May 1. He succeeds acting chief scientist, Gale Allen, who is retiring after more than 30 years of government service. Green will represent the agency’s strategic science objectives and contributions to the national and international science communities, and advise the Administrator on agency science policy.

That’s what’s up this week @NASA …

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