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Sierra Vista Junior High | Sierra Vista Life, 5-11-18

Uploaded 05/11/2018

Sierra Vista Life, 5-11-18

DANCE TODAY! – Attention ALL students attending this Friday’s dance: please note that you MUST bring your ID card with you to the dance or you will be sent to the back of the line. Party Pack members just need to show their ID card to get into the dance; they don’t need an actual ticket since their name is on the list. Doors open at 2:30pm. Backpacks can be stored in the backpack cages of the PE locker rooms. Students will not be admitted to the dance after 2:45pm, so please do NOT leave campus after school if you’re attending the dance. Snacks and beverages will be available for sale, and you can buy donuts, coffee drinks and donut sundaes from the LA donut truck, so don’t forget to bring money for snacks and the photographer. The dance ends at 4:30pm. Students are NOT allowed to leave early due to safety reasons. Please be sure to follow dress code. Please see Mrs. Terranova in room 1002 if you have any questions.

TRAVEL CLUB – Attention 7th graders, if you are interested in being part of the 8th grade Travel Club next year, there will be a meeting for you and your parents/guardians Monday evening in the MPR at 7pm. If you have any questions, please see Ms. Kontis in room 626 or ask your history teacher for details.

SUMMER COURSES FOR EIGHTH GRADERS – We have an exciting opportunity for our 8th graders entering high school this fall! The Career and College Readiness Department will be offering pathway courses this summer in Business, Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality Careers and also Animal Sciences. Courses will run Mon-Fri from July 2nd-July 30th. Visit the counseling office for more details!

KINDNESS WEEK NEXT WEEK – Random Acts of Kindness week is here! Lets spread more kindness here at Sierra Vista. Monday: Give a compliment day! Find compliments on the wall and give it to a friend! Tuesday: Give a shout out to your friend in the Quad! There will be a megaphone for you to use, and tell your friend what you like about them! Wednesday: Write what you appreciate at the Appreciation Station. Come out to the outdoor stage, and there will be a poster for you to write something nice about your friend. Thursday: Give a smile :) Kind actions really do make a difference. Friday: Give a high-five! ASB hopes that you have a kind and awesome week!

BE YOUR BEST SELF – This summer, the Santa Clarita Child and Family Center will be hosting a Youth Empowerment Crew. This is a 2-day event during July that is focused on empowering students in middle and high school to be the best version of themselves while pursuing their passions. This event is FREE to the community and will be held on July 11 & 18. For more details, please contact Nila Karimzai at or call 661-259-8175.

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