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The Placerita Challenge | The Placerita Challenge 2018: Show 1

Uploaded 06/25/2018

The Placerita Challenge 2018: Show 1

Watch the first show of the Placerita Challenge: A game of wits, knowledge, and fast buzzer finger reflexes. The Placerita Challenge and all commercials are fully produced and created by kids from Placerita Junior High School’s summer video production camp, Kidflix Productions.



Director – Ron-Paul Tamayo

Audio – James Levy

Technical Director – Brady Devaris

CG – Collin Morrison

Buzzer – David Auerbach

Floor Director – Salem Jones-Hartman

Camera 1 – Olivia Hills

Camera 2 – Dylan Kadi

Camera 3 – Noah Ross

Scorekeeper – Matther Kincaid and DC Mitchell

(c)2018 SCVTV
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