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CHSRA | High-Speed Rail Construction Update – Summer 2018

Uploaded 08/06/2018

High-Speed Rail Construction Update – Summer 2018

Checking in on the first half of 2018 and the construction of high-speed rail. In the latest Construction Update video, see where construction stands on more than a dozen sites, including the work that’s now underway on Construction Package 2-3 and Construction Package 4. You can find more information by visiting

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5 Comments for CA High-Speed Rail Authority: High-Speed Rail Construction Update – Summer 2018
  1. Liz Lyons says:

    I am personally thrilled that we will have a modern infrastructure added to our part of California. We will be more like other 21st century countries in providing fast and efficient transportation to replace one car one occupant gas guzzlers.

    I can see the Koch Bros have done their job of poisoning the public here on that subject. But those of us who look to a energy-efficient future are happy with it and will be vindicated years from now.

    Nay-sayers are on the wrong side of history, even if there is an upfront economic cost.

  2. I thought we voted it down. Why are they still building it?

  3. Chris Hulse says:

    Hasn’t it jumped from thirty three billion two seventy seven billion dollars now?

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