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Sierra Vista Junior High | Sierra Vista Life, 8-16-18

Uploaded 08/16/2018

Sierra Vista Life, 8-16-18

“OUR SCHOOL IS OTTERPOPPIN'” – Welcome back, Plainsmen! ASB wants to welcome ALL of it’s students back in the quad during BRUNCH today! Come out at brunch to say hi and get an otterpop since our school is “otterpoppin.” ASB hopes to see everyone there!

SCHOOL SQUADS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ROUND UP – Hey 7th graders! ASB is hosting the “School Squad” elementary school roundup in the quad TODAY at the begging of LUNCH! Come and find your friends from your Elementary school so you can meet up! Students participating will receive candy, but this is a special event for 7th grade students only. We will also have a special spot for students coming to Sierra Vista from other cities or states. ASB is looking forward to seeing you there!

3 Comments for Sierra Vista Junior High: Sierra Vista Life, 8-16-18
  1. Are you feeling sad today? Celebrate!!

  2. So sweet, two of my 7th graders from last year!

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