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Sierra Vista Junior High | Sierra Vista Life, 9-11-18

Uploaded 09/11/2018

Sierra Vista Life, 9-11-18

Lunch Application: As of September 14, all students that don’t have a new application on file will be deleted from the school lunch system and will not receive any free/reduced lunch resources until a new application is submitted. If you have not submitted a new application for this year or need help with a new application, please see our school nurse, a counselor, or anyone in the office to pick up a form.  This form will need to get turned into the Health Office immediately.


Critter Coupon: Our LAST and final critter coupon turn in is THIS Wednesday during brunch at the outdoor stage! Be sure to have the coupons you’ve earned signed by your parents tonight so you can collect your critters! The last day for the fundraiser and the final “Let’s Do This Homeroom Turn-In” is THIS Friday, 9/14. You’ve just got a few days left to earn those prizes and help our school!


Attendance Awareness: September is Attendance Awareness month! Attend all classes, on time, everyday and receive prizes, such as IN n OUT Gift certificates and movie tickets. Congratulations to the attendance award winners for this week:

Aguiar, Lucas Ryan
Anderson, Nathan Scott
Botros, Giovanni Kyrollos
Brundage, Shane Allen
Corpuz, Sophia Ashley
DiPiazza, Emma Marie
Escalera, Naoni
Gray, Aniya Denise
Hernandez, Nevaeh Samantha
Horne, Anna
Ledezma, Citlali
Madera, Kiana Giselle
Meyers, Skylar Bernice Valentine
Montes de Oca, Ashley
Onate, Alejandra
Regular, Amanda Isabelle Callejo
Reyes, Stephany Nikole
Rodriguez, Valentina
Shaw, Malory Naomi
Zavala, Luis Angel           


Please go to the attendance office to get your prize!

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